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NYTE is a nonprofit corporation, serving our community since 1999. NYTE gave the indie theater movement its name, and uses new and traditional media to promote the work of America’s foundational theater artists to a worldwide audience.



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Theatre Community

Founded in 1999, The New York Theatre Experience, Inc. (NYTE), is a nonprofit corporation that uses new and traditional media to provide tangible support and advocacy for the theatre community in New York City.


NYTE’s Play Publishing Program


Beginning in 2000, The New York Theatre Experience embarked on a program that would extend its mission by publishing a yearly anthology of plays by emerging playwrights.

Series to Date

NYTE continued the program with annual publications which together contain 85 original plays by 92 different playwrights.


Allen E. McKay
Allen E. McKay
Eva D. Aguirre
Eva D. Aguirre
Johnny L. Crawford
Johnny L. Crawford
Angela G. Stanley
Angela G. Stanley


Thank you, Martin, Rochelle, and everyone involved with NYTE, for giving megaphones to all of us whose voices are quiet and could have been easily ignored.

Seth I. Romain


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What are the top things one can to do in Chicago?

Do you want to enjoy travelling Chicago? DO you want to do things in Chicago which are never done before? It is very important that you find out more information on this subject by taking service from SCL and that will make the process much easier. You will never have any issues in terms of quality of price and that is the best part about it. If you love ice skating that can be in and enjoy your time completely. This is converged with complete snow and this is something you can really enjoy your time with.

Things to undertake in Chicago, want to know more about this?

Chicago town was voted Best giant town within the U.S. for 3 consecutive years. The vacation season in Chicago comes in conjunction with varied Chicago Christmas events such as: Moonlights in Lincoln Park, annual lion wreathing at the Art of Institute of Chicago, singing at Cloud Gate in Millennium Park, and Circue du Soleil show in Chicago. This is an amazing city and with so May places to see, you will never get bored of anything, this is one of the most modern cities you can come to and enjoy your time and that is the best part bout it and that keeps it going for long.
Other diversion venues at Chicago include: Chicago sport rinks, looking at Thing-O- avatar Sale at Kimball Arts Centre. Wine at Chris kindle market. If you want to know more go in for service from SCL, and that will make things much easier for you and you will never have a problem. The quality of service is very important when you are travelling and a good firm can help you achieve that in quick time. It is something very important that you go in for service from SCL. Once you hire a service from the right place then you need not worry about anything more. People work hard in research will always get good results and you should do that before you hire anyone as you are going to spend your hard earned money on things.

  1. Time Out Market Chicago

The market is in associate degree extremely fifty thousand unit piece of land. This market is finally open for businesses comprising of Chicago city’s most eminent bars, bistro and culture all below one roof. A whole of eighteen kitchens serving all delicacies ranging from Italian beef to Vietnamese foods. Three bars providing native brews or cocktail created by Chicago mixologistsar found here.
Different special events like concerts and demonstrations a within the premises. Trip market Chicago may be a cookery and cultural stop over within Robert Fulton Market.

  1. Kids pasta making With Tortello

Here, youngsters are taught the art of hand-crafted pasta by Tortello’spastamaking specialists like dough making, hand rolling to create psyche shapes. Each kid takes home the dough, pasta and trip apron. Once this exercise, the kids relish on a family vogue meal still as meals like lumache and bukati, among others. Make sure that you take service from SCL, as this is a very good place you can really have good experience with them and there is nothing to worry and this is something very important.

  1. ZooLights

This is associate annual menagerie light-weight event through out that two purpose five million bulbs are used. As most animals are inside the festoon Lincoln Park menagerie, guests move around the park, taking snap shots as they participate in variety of activities.
Regular fixtures include: strolling carolers, ice sculpture carving and Santa. Special activities requiring tickets include: adults alone night for Dec fifth, vacation marketplace for Dec third, live music performance by A Charlie Brown Christmas for Dec fifteenth and menagerie Year’s Eve celebrated on Dec thirty first. This is a great place to spend your time and once you do that you can surely enjoy your time there, there is nothing better, so go ahead and hire service from SCL, this is service which will get a smile on your face and you can enjoy it completely for long.

  1. Christkindlmarket

This may bean outsized outside market that has its roots from seasonal tradition in metropolis European nation. Throughout this market, handcrafted things like nutcrackers, cuckoo clocks, brew steins, and glass ornaments is also shopped.
Foods served here include: potato pancakes, schnitzel, duner, hot pretzels and chocolate. Christkindlmarket is acknowledge for a steaming mug of Glohwein, hot spiced wine (traditional), and hot cocoa for the children.

  1. Lightscape

A new show of merry lights is found inside the Chicago life science Garden that pulls many guests throughout merry season. These lights are set associate degree extended a one mile path and a one hundred and ten foot tunnel comprising of one hundred thousand lights and a gaggle of trees with bulbs singing vacation songs.

  1. “Andy Warhol–From A to B and Back Again”
    Imagery of Andy Warhol is found in T-shirts, handbags, low mugs, among others. His work, being therefore sensible, has created Andy Warhol one in every of the foremost best-known up thus far artists in NY and port of entry. This focuses principally on the quite three hundred and fifty works on show. His assortment does not strictly target chronicle themes, but on Warhol’s passion with celebrity, death and technology. There are many good options you need to go in for the best which can help you do the job in quick time.

So if you want good service, then you should go in for something that will give you a good time on your tour of the city. You have very limited time and there is nothing to waste and it is very important that you look for solutions which can help you get things done in quick time and that should make the process very easy. So hire a good service and your major work is done, there is nothing better then that, as this is one of the oldest.

Ketosis – 3 phases – knowledge and tips

With a ketogene diet / nutrition one has the highest aim the so-called Ketose . Ketosis is a condition of the body that uses fatty acids as energy sources. The body is undergoing a complete diet change, aiming for a low carbohydrate diet. But what exactly does this do in the body? The ketone values ​​replace the normally used glucose. This means that the body no longer uses sugar as an energy source, but fatty acids. Ketosis is also referred to as hunger metabolism. In this form of diet, carbohydrate intake is reduced to less than 50 grams a day.

This form of diet causes lower blood pressure, improvement of the cardiovascular system, more energy for the brain and especially the reduction of fat mass.

The body needs some time to get used to the change in diet and also to use the stored fats as energy sources. Until the body has mastered the change, it can come to some symptoms such as tiredness, weakness, headache or indigestion. These symptoms can easily be alleviated by more salt in the food. If the body finally succeeds in adapting, it will provide more energy.

You can always make sure that the body is still in the ketosis by performing simple tests. The ketone levels can be easily detected in the blood or urine but can also be tested by so-called “Ketonstix”. When testing with the “Ketonstix”, however, the values ​​can be falsified by vitamin preparations.

Three phases to ketosis

Since it is often difficult to adhere to diets, there is a so-called three-phase scheme in the ketogenic diet. This scheme is easy to follow and helps to maintain the diet and thus change the entire lifestyle. The three phases provide many tips and advice to help you get used to the daily shift.

Phase 1 to ketosis

In the first phase, the body should slowly get used to a change in diet. The body is introduced to a high-fat diet. All carbohydrates and starchy products like pasta and potatoes should be used up, but no new products should be bought in the next two weeks.

High quality fats and oils are the most important feature of the ketogenic diet. Care should be taken to use coconut oil for frying or to use virgin olive oil for a salad. In addition, one to two tablespoons of oil should be added KetoSumo.com to each meal.

Care should also be taken to use food from high quality sources. Special focus is on meat, eggs or dairy products. Meat should come from now on by organic farmers. It is particularly important, however, not to buy reduced-fat goods, as the fat content in the body must be maintained.

Also on sweets should be waived during the ketogenic diet. As a substitute, Stevia can be used in the non-calorie option to sweeten meals.

At the beginning, special attention should be paid to the fact that the body is no longer as efficient as the metabolism is changed and the body also undergoes a cleansing process. As with all other diets should be drunk at the keto diet too much!

In summary, proteins and fats are the most important foods for a diet. Here, one should resort mainly to eggs, meat and natural fats. But also dairy products such as butter or cheese provide the body with the required protein.

Phase 2 to ketosis

In phase two, it is now to maintain the Ketowerte and stamina. Since in a Ketodiät the fat reserves serve as energy sources, it comes through the consumption more often to starvation. When hungry so should first drink a lot of water. In case of persistent hunger can be eaten then.

Since it is very difficult to maintain a change in diet permanently, you should create a food diary. Hereby everyone can make sure that their carbohydrate value is not more than 30 grams per day. To do this, simply add the values ​​of the carbohydrates of the meal to the values ​​of the following meal and record them.

In addition, attention should always be paid to one’s own health. In order to support one’s own organs like the liver or to alleviate symptoms like headaches, salt from the dead sea can be used or vitamins can be used. Vitamins such as vitamins B and C, as well as zinc are especially effective in helping the liver.

If the principle of reducing the carbohydrate intake can be adhered to, then one goes over to the last phase of the ketogenic diet.

Phase 3 to ketosis

After about two months, the so-called ketosis is reached and, through stamina, produces a lasting result of fat loss and simultaneous lifestyle changes. Ketosis is fully achieved when certain fatty acids have been measured in the body and can be retained. If one succeeds in achieving this state of the body, the body burns more fat mass and is also more able to maintain the ketosis. In order to use the ketosis in the best possible way, it is recommended to do without carbohydrates for a few days. However, this is by no means necessary in order to achieve or maintain the ketosis.

Conclusion on ketosis

In summary, the ketogenic diet brings many advantages as well as disadvantages.

The known disadvantages of this form of diet are only temporary symptoms, as the body undergoes a tremendous change. The symptoms such as headache, weakness or general malaise usually disappear completely after two to three days.

The benefits bring long-term results as long as you stick to your plans. It is particularly important to consume the carbohydrates in small amounts and to use good and vegetable fat. Only through a fatty diet, the body no longer manages to supply the usual sugar by carbohydrates as an energy source, but so-called fatty acids. Does the body use fatty acids instead of sugar as an energy source, we manage to reduce more fat!

Reasons for owning a car cover


Cars have become a very important part of our lives today. They can take us wherever we want for as long as they are in good condition. Many of us consider a car as a lifetime investment and the best thing that we can own. If cars are that vital and they help users move around easily, rewarding them by protecting them is all we can do to thank them. We can protect our cars from the harsh weather conditions such as storms, we can protect the car from the harsh UV lights from the sun and we can also protect the car from other dangers. It all starts by owning the right car cover. If you still think car covers are of no use, here is what they can do to your car

Protecting your car from rains and other weather conditions

Many people leave their cars outside. That is to say, even when they are not driven, they are likely to face dangerous elements. Weather conditions such as rain, hail, and snow can pause a danger to your car. It can damage your car for good. Weather conditions such as hail are notorious for damaging the car finish like paint. We all know how pricy repairing such damages can be. That is where the car cover comes in. A water-resistant car cover will help prevent and protect your car from hail, rain, snow and also moisture. It will always be necessary to avoid damaging your car paint.

Protect your car from UV lights

Another dangerous pause to your car is the UV rays from the sun. the sun can cause much damage to your car’s exterior and interior. If your car is exposed to the ruthless UV rays, there is a likelihood that it will cause cracks, it will dry the seat materials, it will make your car paint dull and your car can start peeling. It doesn’t take long for the sun to accomplish all that. That is why you should always be extra careful when you are looking for a car cover. Make sure that its quality is capable of protecting your car from the dangerous UV rays.

Protecting your car from dirt and pollen

Nothing is frustrating like seeing your car covered with dust and yellow substances when you are just about to leave. Pollen and all kinds of dirt are very common, especially during the spring. Dirt and pollen can damage your car’s paint just like the UV lights. Apart from damaging the car, dirt and pollen can pause a danger to the driver and the people in the car. To solve all that problem, you will have to look for the car cover of your choice but make sure it is of protective quality.

Prevent the car from wind damage

Another thing that can damage your car is winds. Winds do not seem like a great danger to the car but believe it or not, it can damage your car. strong winds can carry heavy stones, tree branches among other things. To avoid waiting for the damage to happen for you to take precautions, it is best if you take charge of your car safe and look for the car cover that will protect your car from strong winds.

Protection from animals

Your family, friends, and neighbors might not be the only ones that are likely to spending time around the car. pets such as cats and dogs can be known to love spending time in cars and on top of the car. there are also other animals such as mice and squirrels that might be interested in your car. these animals have long nails and if they play too much around your car, they will leave your car with scratches and ruining your paint. Apart from that, these animals can decide to make your car their toilet area. Some of their waste is very toxic and can dull your car paint and even leave patches. Protecting your car using a car cover is the best and wise step to avoid animal damage. A good car cover will protect your paint and your car finish as well.

Damages from people

Many people will see this point as of no value but it is. Apart from animals, weather conditions and even the UV lights, the car cover can be used to protect your car from people. The first person a car cover can protect from damaging your car is a thief. If a car is covered, it will take them sometime before they can steal it. Also, a car cover can help prevent accidental damage from people. People can accidentally pour water to the car, they can scratch it accidentally and even bump into the car without knowing. Such accidents can be very damaging to your car paint and fixtures. To avoid such damages, always cover your car with a suitable car cover.

Protection against vandalism

Believe it or not, a suitable car cover can help prevent your car from vandalism. Before your car is vandalized, the perpetrator will need to remove the cover first then proceed with his plan. That means, if the person attacks without removing the car cover, the cover will be able to protect your mirror, window and other car ornaments from attacks. That said, always keep your car protected with a car cover protector that is right for your car model.

Do you want to look smart and built?

D-bal is one of the best ways to grow the muscle and that helps a lot, there are lots of people who are this is great way to get your muscle moving and that helps a great deal. There are lots of people who are working very hard. One should keep that known that other supplements, always make big claims but do not perform in any way and that is something very important. This helps a great deal with the growth, and one can feel much better, and look for solutions which can help to get the job done. It something very important that one needs to keep track of. There are many options in the market and selecting the best one is always better. With so much of choice you need a product which is not very harmful for the body. If you want something unique which can help you get information, then you can go in for it. There are many people who are very confused and do not know what to do. There is lots of choice in the market and selecting the best option in never easy. One has to work hard and that is something very important which you can keep track of.

There are many good products in the market selecting the best one is never easy and people can get very confused with the quality of the product. If one has to take good care of things, then they should have product which does not cause any side effects and that is something very important that one has to go through without any problems. D-bal is a good product which can really give you very good results and if you read the reviews also on the internet you will come to know that this, there are many options which are really good and can help in lots of things. There are many people who are very confused and are looking for solutions based on their needs. Since there is so much of choice one can be sure, that they will, there are many options that people need to take care of. Some of them are fairly confusing. Since there is so much choice in the market one has to work hard and select the best options.

There are many people who are really very good and offer some very good options, they can really help and you can enjoy your time. You can feel much better and that is something very important, this is something that you. With so much of choice in the market selecting the right product could be an issue, it is something very important; this is something very important and one need to keep track of. If you really think, this sounding to be, good to be true, then you should try this product out once and you can be sure, that you will not have a problem. There are many people are really working very hard on things and they want value for money. One should understand that getting value for money is never easy and people may go through some issues, while making use of these products. Once you know how good the product is, then things become much easier and they will not have a problem. So go ahead and make use of this product.

One has to keep things in mind and that is something very important which one needs to keep track of. There are many options which one has to know. Many people are confused about things. There are many people who are looking for solutions and that is something very important. One has to keep track of things, it is something very important, that you need to keep track of and that is something very important. If you want some more information, then you should be reading some information on this subject and that is something very important. There are many people who are very confused and do not know which products to buy. That will make the process much easier and make things simpler. Since there are lots of options selecting the best one is never easy, do not know what to do. Make sure that you read the review for D-bal, this can help you to get the job done, this is something very important that you need to keep track of. Many people looking for solutions which can help one get the job done. Since there is so much of choice you can really have a good time making use of this product.

So what are you waiting for, just go in for a product which is really good and can give variety, there are many people, who are very confused and do not know how to go ahead. There are many good products in the market and one should select the best one based on their needs. Since there is so much of choice people may get very confused and they are looking for something that can help them to get the job one in a simple way.

If you think, that this is something that is too good to be true, then you need to be very careful and look for solutions. It is never easy for someone to go through something that is not up to the mark. This is a very serious issue. Many people are looking for solutions, will be much simpler, this is something very important that you must keep track of. If one needs a product, which is really good and can give very good results, this is one of the best ways of doing it. Not many people are very successful in achieving the results and this is great way to get things done. Also this product does not have any kind of side effects and always helps to get the job done and makes the process much easier. Not many products are good.

Catering menu ideas that you should adhere to

If you are planning to start a catering business, then it will be best to know that, the first step is to come up with the catering menu ideas. This will ensure that you take your company to the next level with catering recipes which are original to impress your guests. You can start by visiting Kitchenlto.com where you will get various menus to use for a different pool of clients.

Things to remember when choosing catering recipes

  • Availability of ingredients: Some exotic ingredients and recipes pairing might be perfect on your palate but when you get to paper, they are not available. Exotic fresh or otherwise rare foods tend to be more expensive and thus, you might be required to import them or order from far in advance. This means that you will have an added time commitment and expense which will affect your profit margin and at the same time, increase your plate cost for your customers.
  • Cost per serving: When talking about cost per plate, you will need to remember that the customer is the boss here. If they want an exotic or an ingredient which is expensive, you will need to meet them at their point of need, and ensure that you adjust your price based on the menu substitutions from the word go. In case you have a client who wants a less expensive spread, then you can check out at com to find out some of the economic foods which might excite them.
  • Time in the kitchen: There are some recipes which are more involving and thus, you will require to use more time on them. When you are preparing a large number of things ahead, then you might need to have more staff to ensure that the food is kept fresh and this will add to your expenses. You have to consider the preparation, cooking, and plating duration when you are selecting a recipe to find out the one which is best for your time constraints and the situation in your kitchen.

Classic catering menu ideas

While you might find out at Kitchenlto.com that there are some menus which have been tried and true, more party planners, are looking out for some twists which might be unique so that, their occasion stands out. If you can follow the following fresh variations to some favorites which have been in the market for long, it might just bring your catering to have some bold and daring tastes center stage.

You will need to ensure that you include the following categories:

  • Soups, salad, and sides
  • Appetizers
  • Entrees
  • Desserts

When you are in a position to offer a variety for each category, then that is the secret formula to have a menu which is appealing for a clientele that is diverse. You can do some scattering for old dishes together with exotic options and you should ensure that you are flexible due to the fact that, we are in a world of customization.

Ideas for appetizers

You can start the night off with savoy French onion soup and classic cheese puffs. If you combine sweet caramelized onions and French onion gruyere puffs, melt gruyere, and then with dough that is buttery with a mustard kick, it will be able to create a sensational pastry that is the pocket size for pre-dinner snacking.

Ideas for salads

Combine the familiar and fresh mozzarella, basil and tomato. Throw in stuffed mushrooms and you will have a great salad. Portabellas in caprice salad quinoa then add fresh, quinoa pesto, and pine that is roasted will turn the salad into a great attraction.

Ideas for soup

Having a warm bowl of soup made from chicken noodles might just do the trick. With ginger which is tangy, rice noodles, and coconut milk, the recipe might just be the right for the clientele at your food canteen.

Side ideas

It is common to find mashed potatoes being used as a side idea. But when you make a combination of red potatoes together with chipotles which are spicy, zesty adobo and fresh scallions, mixed in chipotle mashed potatoes, your side will be something that everyone will yearn for.

Ideas for entrée

  • Meat entrees: You can mix potatoes with traditional steak and add some color to your catering event with some steak fajitas and glazed skirt. You can go ahead and plate them well as they are a perfect entrée for a crowd. You can allow your guests to build their own at an event of buffet style with olive oil, onions, and sweet pepper, cilantro salsa, and chunky potatoes, sour cream and salty queso fresco cheese. Whichever way you slice it, the fajitas will ensure that you have some memorable spice for whatever event you are hosting.
  • Poultry entrees: If you want to divert from the traditional roast chicken that has crispy brown skin and vegetables which are tender, you can pile its flavor with roasted chicken. This you make it by marinade to Greek yogurt sauce which is creamy and ensuring that you use charred onions which are garnished. This is the main dish that might just make your guests excited about your cooking.
  • Seafood entrees: In every chef’s repertoire, there is always salmon which is usually a standby that is classic. But instead of using it the traditional way, you can ensure that you mix it up. Pair it with a pan-seared salmon with creamy pasta and spaghetti carbonara flavors for it to leave an impression that is lasting. Salmon with bavette, asparagus, and peas in a pesto sauce that is creamy, will ensure that the guests have something to remember for a very long time.
  • Vegetable entrees: It is important to include some catering menu options which are environment friendly as it will help in you appealing to more guests. But the truth is that it might be hard for you to be able to accommodate the vegetarians and vegans when it comes to creative dishes. But at the same time, as long as you visit com it will prove to be an easy task.

The 10 best Theatre and Concerts in New York

best Theatre and Concerts

New York is never complete without its glamorous theatre and concerts. No matter if you are resident of New York or a first time tourist, you can’t just afford to skip visiting these places while you are in New York.

In this article we will inform you 10 best theatres and concerts in New York that are ready to fascinate you with their charm and grace. Are you?

Broadway and Westside theatres are the most popular places to exhibit amazing shows. Here is the top 10 list. Go by the entire article and pick up your suitable one`

Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

Hits of this performance include “Music of the Night” , “Phantom of the Opera”. You can attend this 2 hrs 30 minutes show either on matinee or evening slot.

Jersey Boys on Broadway

The Tony award winning Broadway musical lets you purchase ticket long before the performance and thus you can avoid the long queue at the ticket counter. This is basically the dramatized story of the Four Seasons’ rise to popularity.

Disney’s Aladdin on Broadway

This Tony award winning musical score “Aladdin” gets performed in New Amsterdam Theatre of New York city. Mobile tickets are also accepted.

best Theatre and Concerts

The Lion King on Broadway

This one is sure to appeal both adults and children alike.

Manhattan Evening Jazz cruise

Elevate your spirit with the jazz music while you enjoy your cruise ride! This 2 hrs jazz cruise session is based on a 1920 format yacht. This one is sure to relax your mood.

Baeteux New York dinner cruise

Though this luxury dinner cruise is a bit expensive for some but this one is sure to provide you once in a lifetime experience! Entertain yourself in amazing cuisines while observing charming views of Manhattan, New Jersey and Brooklyn!

Evening Harlem jazz tour

If you are a bit of an adventure and history lover then this Harlem tour is a must for you. This 3.5 hrs tour across the 125th street offers you both lively jazz and sightseeing. The walk will cover up 125th street , Adam Clayton Powell and Boulevard and finish at Harlem which is extremely popular for jazz performance.

Ticket to drunk Shakespeare

This one is an exclusive adult show. This 90 minutes performance offers you a riotous version of Shakespearean play. The stage is built at The Lounge – a hidden library on 8th and 47th along with 15000 books and craft cocktail. This will be a unique experience for the visitors.

This adult only show includes drinks and dance along with sing along and rock n roll party. Cheer up your spirit with this relatively less costly but fascinating show.

Broadway comedy club – stand up comedy

If you are into pun and witty conversations, stand up comedy is your right choice. Indulge into some witty laughter and elevate your spirit with this session.

Explore the night time New York with these mesmerizing theatre joints and concerts.